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Cornwall Restaurants and more Cornish Cuisine

Many tourists to Cornwall would expect the local restaurant menus in Cornwall to include Cornish ingredients and Cornish cuisine dishes on the menu. Driving and walking in Cornwall many restaurants, cafes and pubs advertise these Cornish treats. Some sweet Cornish treats such as Cornish Cream Teas, and some savoury, such as Cornish Pasties, but there are many other products and ingredients.

Cornish Yarg is a semi hard cheese made in Cornwall from the milk of Friesian cows. The cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves before leaving to mature, when it forms an edible mould. As to the strange name of this cheese, often thought to be a Cornish name but infact the word Yarg is Gray backwards, and Gray is the name of the family associated with the original product.

cornish pastieCornish Pasties are prehaps one of the most known Cornish foods. Most pasties today are a short crust pastry enclosing beef steak, potato, swede, turnips and onions. But traditionally pasties contained many different fillings, savoury or sweet. Cornish Pasties are sometimes called Oggies locally. Award winning pasties are made at Chough Bakery in Padstow and available at The Edge Restaurant in Port Isaac.

Stargazy Pie is a local fish or crustacean dish wrapped around a pie crust. The heads of seafoods such as sardines and small fish are pointed upwards out off the pastry.

Cornwall Restaurant for enjoying your Cornish Cuisine

Cornwall with its many restaurants gives plenty of choice for places to eat, whether in a quaint village, sea front by the sea. on the moors. And in North Cornwall the many tourists visiting Port Isaac can enjoy an award winning Cornish Pastie at The Edge Restaurant. Choose a 'Proper Cornish' Steak Pastie or a Cheese and Onion Cornish Pastie served with Chips and Herb salad. Sit eating your pastie admiring the sea views across Port Isaac bay and the Cornish coast, with the odd fishing boat and seagulls, or if you are lucky, a dolphin or whale. Views from inside and outside the restaurant stretch along the Cornish coastline as far as Tintagel, offering some of the best views of a restaurant in Cornwall at The Edge Restaurant.

For more on Cornwall restaurants, Cornish cuisine and The Edge Restaurant and Bar in Port Isaac, call 01208 880090 or book a table at The Edge Restaurant online.

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