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Three Hungry Boys go scavenging in Port Isaac North Cornwall

Jan 2012

Three Hungry Boys on Channel 4 is about 3 boys (actually men) challenged by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to travel through Devon into North Cornwall and through Cornwall for 5 weeks using and living in a blue, electric milk float with no money. This means they have to catch, find, pick, earn or beg their food for 5 weeks. As well as only recharging the milk float battery using renewable energy.

In episode 2 of this second series, the 3 Hungry Boys arrive in North Cornwall, first visiting a solar powered launderette in Wadebridge and then arrive in Port Quinn to go fishing for their meal. Having caught some fish they then capsize and loose their catch land too dark to continue fishing. They walk across the fields in the dark to the nearest supermarket in Port Isaac to scavenge for waste, taking waste food out of the Coop bins in Port Isaac to eat. Next day they try fishing again and manage to catch enough for a bar-b-que lunch with the locals.