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Cornwall Restaurant - Cornish Cuisine

Many Cornwall restaurants include the Cornish cuisine on the menu that customers expect to see, especially the tourist customers. And driving around cornish cream tea in CornwallCornwall you spot signs offering these treats in restaurants, cafes and pubs. Some sweet Cornish treats and some savoury. Such as Cornish Cream Teas and Cornish Pasties, but there are many other products and ingredients.

Cornish Cream Teas featuring Cornish Clotted Cream. Clotted cream is made from unpasteurised milk that is steamed and left to cool into clots that spread well similar to soft butter. Cream teas normally feature scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam along with a pot of tea and served as an afternoon snack. Cornish clotted cream available from various dairies in Cornwall, such as Wadebridge dairies.

Fairings are gingery biscuits flavoured with almond and or saffron. These are sometimes served mixed with some icing.

Pasties and Cornwall go together in many peoples minds. Pasties today are normally savoury but traditionally pasties contained many different fillings, savoury or sweet. And some pasties were made as 'pasties with afters', both savoury and sweet. One end of the Cornish pastie filled with steak, onion, potato, turnip whilst the other end is sweet filled such as apple, sugar and sultanas, the 2 ends seperated by a finger of dry bread. Pasties are sometimes called Oggies locally.

Saffron Bun or cake traditionally baked on sycamore leaves and dusted with sugar. These are usually enjoyed during the yuletide season but are eaten at any time of the year.

Cornwall Restaurant to enjoy your Cornish Cuisine

With many restaurants around Cornwall, you have lots of choice as to where to eat. In North Cornwall the many tourists visiting Port Isaac can visit The Edge Restaurant for a Cornish Cream tea, clotted cream, strawberry jam, scones, butter and a pot of tea, an ideal mid afternoon snack whilst sitting watching over the sea views with the odd fishing boat and seagulls, or if you are lucky a dolphin or whale. With views from the restaurant along the Cornish coastline as far as Tintagel, The Edge Restaurant offers some of the best views of a restaurant in Cornwall.

For more on Cornwall restaurants, Cornish cuisine and The Edge Restaurant in Port Isaac, call 01208 880090 or book a table at The Edge Restaurant online.

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