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Doc Martin in Port Isaac (aka Portwenn)

Feb 2011

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Video of Doc Martin in Port Isaac

Doc Martin episode 6 series 1 video clips, with glorious views of Port Isaac harbour and streets, and neighbouring Port Gaverne.

Doc Martin ITV Series starring Martin Clunes

The successful ITV series of Doc Martin starring Martin Clunes is set in the ficticious village of Portwenn (Port Wenn) in Cornwall. All the filming for Doc Martin is in and around Port Isaac fishing village in Cornwall.

Doc Martin is a very popular British ITV comedy drama that now has world wide success. Starring Martin Clunes as a hapless, grumpy doctor for Portwenn. Before becoming the village doctor he was a surgeon who suddenly developed a phobia to blood, making his career as a surgeon impossible so he retrained as a GP in this small community of Portwenn in Cornwall. The doctor is called Martin Ellingham but the locals call him Doc Martin. Caroline Catz is co-star playing the part of the village school teacher in Portwenn. The series is filmed in and around Port Isaac and was created by Dominic Minghella.

Filming for Doc Martin is all in and around Port Isaac in Cornwall, with many key scenes filmed inside a local barn which hides film sets. Key buildings and locations in the Doc Martin programs being easily seen on a short walk around the fishing village, from Thyme Cottage to The Old School House and the harbour of Port Isaac. As well as many other buildings featuring in shots on film such as The Edge bar and restaurant.

Doc Martin Series 3 centred around a tuberculosis outbreak, a food poisoning scare and a blossoming romance.

What will Doc Martin series 4 bring?

The next series of the hit Doc Martin ITV comedy drama show will be series 4 and is due to be filmed in summer 2011. Eight new episodes are to be recorded in the fictitious location of Port Isaac, Portwenn in Cornwall.